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Meet The Team


Dan Proctor

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My passion is to help people to achieve pain free movement, to allow them to have the confidence to get back to what they love or start a new journey to find an active hobby that builds confidence and resilience.


Having had lots of knee trouble from the age of 16, I had to endure many months and years of rehabilitation. The knees caused me other compensations resulting in hip, back and shoulder issues.


This pushed me into wanting to understand the body. Why do these things happen to people and how can they be stopped, or reversed.


Understanding your body/pain, why it may be there, how we can mitigate that pain to access new movement variability and then ultimately turn the corner into more full body strengthening routines to solidify this new movement capacity is how I feel success can be made.

"My goal is to empower you so that you don't need me anymore"


Ben Causer

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I’ve been passionate about playing sport since I was a kid, and have been lucky enough to compete at the highest level. I remember those years with fond memories, only tarnished with the huge frustration I felt whenever I was injured. The interaction I had with the many different physiotherapists over the years led me to want to help others to not feel the same frustration at not being able to do the activities that they love because of being injured and in pain.

Since then, the last 20 years I have been on a mission to help those people who love being active but feel adrift and need to find the path back to a focused, pain free fitness journey. I have spent time working in gyms, developing my knowledge in Strength and conditioning, and progressed that knowledge into Sports Therapy (learning my trade at West Ham United FC). Enabling me to help clients speed up their injury process through a mixture of soft tissue and rehabilitation exercises. 

Using myself and Dan’s experience and knowledge we developed a system to help educate people why they are injured in the first place, how to fix the problem short term, and then what to do in order to empower them to progress to the point where they are fully rehabilitated long term. ‘There is no such thing as a quick fix in rehab’


In 2016 I developed a very successful in person seminar series called Bulletproof Your Body. This enabled me to reach out to many more people on a far larger scale, yet used our simple universal progressive rehab system.


“My aim is to build you up, not break you down”

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