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Bridging the gap between injury & Performance

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Strength & Sports Injury Rehab Specialists 

"At Fit6 we look to build you up, NOT break you down"



Fit6 Are Sports Injury Rehab and Strength and conditioning Specialists, helping clients to Bridge the Gap between Injury and Performance, whether that be in sport or in life.

At Fit6 our mission is to help sportsman, athletes, fitness professionals, gym enthusiasts and weekend warriors who currently feel adrift and disillusioned with the help that they have received so far and really want to find their path back to a focused, pain free fitness journey.

We do this by empowering you to learn how to build a strong and powerful foundation, so that you can continue to do what you are passionate about as well as inspiring yourself and others to enjoy a healthier and more fulfilled life.

What does this even mean?

We have often found over the years that many people follow a pattern in their treatment of injury. They get injured, see a therapist, feel better, return to exercising and then get injured again. At Fit6 we refer to this as the Training, Injury, Rehab cycle. If you are looking at our website now, you probably feel adrift and want to find the path back to a focused, pain free fitness journey. However, you are not sure where to start, and how to even go about that process?


What We Do

At Fit6 we aim to help you to be able to understand why you are in pain in the first place. We do this through an extensive assessment process and then we follow that up by educating you how you can fix the problem long term.

Once we have completed our assessment we will then help you to create and build a strong and powerful foundation. This is based on mobility, stability and motor control. (Mobility is the ability to access a position. Stability is the ability to hold a position, and Motor control is your ability to control and coordinate movement patterns). We then help you to focus on developing good quality movement based on the principles above in the 6 primal movement patterns (Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, Lunge and Rotation). This part is extremely important as we encourage you to not load on dysfunction. Loading on poor movement patterns generally leads to injury, so it is important we focus on quality, not quantity. Our aim is "to build you up not break you down".

Our system is designed to progress you as aggressively as possible, but as cautiously as we can. Every exercise we select to help you in your journey is designed to consider risk versus reward. We generally work on building you up from the ground. This means that we can put your Central Nervous system (CNS) at ease in order to build strength safely and effectively as quickly as possible. It is worth noting at this point that your CNS grants you strength and mobility (flexibility). Therefore, learning movement from the floor allows us to speed up this process. Think about how a baby first learns movement. This is called Dynamic Neuromuscular stabilisation (DNS). (SEE VIDEO). Sometimes we have to regress to progress. For example we learn to run by first learning how to roll, then crawl, then stand then walk. This is DNS


Because of our holistic approach to treating injuries, dysfunction or pain, we think outside the box. We treat pain as a symptom and not the actual cause of the problem.

We believe pain has a hierarchy, and as such we are looking for the root cause of your problem. No system works alone, they are all connected. See below for the Pain Hierachy:

This way of thinking allows us to try and work out the root cause of your pain and not just put a plaster over the issue. We definitely DO NOT believe in quick fixes to solve your issues. We want you to understand why this is happening in the first place, and empower you with the knowledge on how to address your pain, in order to help fix your problem long term.


All this is achieved in one of our two exclusive Sports Injury and strength and conditioning studios, allowing you to feel comfortable and relaxed in a safe, welcoming and friendly environment.



"Working with Ben has really changed my life , I no longer expect deterioration, I expect to be stronger, I’ve learned so much about my body and can’t thank him enough"


March 2020

"Since my accident 4 years ago, Dan was the only one who could eliminate my pain via simple to follow exercises and dedicated 24/7 response"


June 2020

"I injured my shoulder in training, so booked a session with Ben. 45mins later the extra mobility and power that i've regained is crazy. Worth every penny & more. I can't recommend him highly enough"


November 2019

"Dan identified the route cause of my pain and helped resolve the issue quickly. I am now on the road to building stregnth and a much healthier future"

Teresa McGlinchey

March 2019



Strength & Sports Injury Specialists

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